30+ Halloween Invitation Wording for your Party

Halloween is just around the corner! It is time to decorate the front yard, make some DIY Halloween decoration, dress oneself up as someone or something else under a costume, start preparing your favorite “potion” and sent out those scary invitations. Let’s go Trick or Treating!

But the scariest night of the year is not just for trick or treating…for an introvert like myself, it is much more. Depending on the type of introvert you are you love it or just hate it. I love it! It is the best night to “be yourself” (or even someone else you have always wanted to be, maybe a character from a movie or book. It is that time to have fun with family and friends (without any judgments). It is the night when new neighbors get to meet each other and the cutest little ghosts knock on your door asking for some candy. I really “witch” Halloween would last longer than just one night…

To start preparing this celebration, here is a list of +30 Halloween Wordings you can use:

Simple Halloween Invitation Wording:

  • Let’s get Spooky!
  • Come to our Spooky Costume Party! We’re DYING to see you!
  • Eat, drink and be Scary!
  • If you don’t join us for our Halloween Party, it will Haunt You Forever!
  • Join Us… If You Dare!
  • Join us for our Annual Halloween SPOOK-TACULAR Party
  • Join us for a Scary Good Time!

Kids Halloween Invitation Wording:

  • Attention all Ghosts and Goblins!
    You are invited to our SPOOK-TACULAR Halloween Party
  • Ghosts & Goblins and creatures of fright,
    don’t miss the call of Halloween Night.
  • Ghosts and Goblins, Spooks galore
    Scary Witches at your door…….
    Jack-O-Lanterns smiling bright
    Wishing you a Happy Haunting Night!
  • Gremlins and Goblins and Witches on brooms
    You are invited to a party under the moon!
  • It’s Halloween Time
    We’re having a bash
    Wear your best costume
    To our fun Monster Mash
  • We’re having a party
    You’re in for a scare
  • It’s a Halloween bash
    So dress up if you dare!
  • Trick or Treat
    Here’s Something Neat
    We’re Having a Party
    That Can’t be Beat
  • Get here on your broom, it’s a Halloween Party

Adult Halloween Invitation Wording:

  • Come if you DARE!
    It’s the Martin’s Halloween Party that’ll be such a fright,
    Dancing and eating and music all night!
  • We’ve Got the BOOZE
    You bring the BOO’s
    Join us for some haunting spirits and wicked brews
  • We would be delighted if you would join us for a Bite and a Drink
    Your soul is requested at the Martin’s
  • A party is brewing
    And you are invited

Scary Halloween Invitation Wording:

  • When witches go riding and black cats are seen, the moon laughs and whisper, come to my party on Halloween.
  • It might be Scary…
    It might be a Fright…
    But it’s sure to be Fun
    on Halloween Night!
  • You’re invited to our Halloween Party Friday, October 31st at 8 pm
    The Martin’s haunted mansion
    Bring your own spirits
  • It might be scary,
    It might be full of fright…
    But you’ll never know
    If you don’t show on Halloween Night
  • Does an evening of fright sound all right?
    Then be our guest on Halloween night!
  • Come if you dare
    To our Halloween scare
    Ghosts, goblins, and witches, too
    Will be there EAGERLY waiting for you

Funny Halloween Invitation Wording:

  • Trick or Treat
    Smell my feet
    We’ve got beer
    And stuff to eat
  • Ghosts, goblins, and creatures of the night
    Join us for Halloween food, fun, and frights
  • There will be food, drink and witch’s brew,
    Now all we need is you!

Potluck Halloween Invitation Wording:

  • We’re having a potluck
    Please come if you dare
    All the monsters are hungry
    So bring something to share
  • Please Join Us For
    Pumpkin Stew
    Witches Brew!

and to finish your invitation, don’t forget to put the address, date and time….and of course, sign it. Something like this would make guest smile. 🙂

  • Your Ghosts, The Martin’s

So, are you ready to start carving pumpkins and stuff? Happy Haunting!

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