A Simple Way to Sew a Fabric Book Cover- Tutorial

Sometimes we need to cover our books or journals to protect them. Especially if they are important to you. So here is a cute and simple way to sew a fabric book cover with pockets and elastic closure in just a couple of minutes.

The other day, on Mother’s day, I bought a book called “Your mother’s Story” by Picadilly. It is a journal filled with prompts for your mother or grandmother to write in their memories and knowledge to pass on to you.

Since I journal every morning, and sometimes I just don’t know what to write about, I thought it would be a good idea to buy this book and use the prompts to start my writing. To keep it in good conditions, I decided to make a fabric cover with pockets and elastic closure to cover my new book.

As a bonus, once I finish this book, I will have a beautiful present that I can give to my kids when they are older.

Fabric Book Cover with Pockets and Elastic Closure Tutorial

Here is what I did:

I bought 3 fat quarters. One for the main fabric, the other one for the lining and the accent one for the sleeves.

I cut 2 pieces the same size. In my case, for my book which is 12 3/4″ (32.5 cm) all around x 8.5″ (21.5cm), I needed 2 pieces of 14″ x 9 3/4″.
I also cut the 2 sleeves using the accent fabric. You will also need some fleece or batting if you want it to be a little thicker.

After I cut the pieces, I realized that I could make some pockets for my pen, pencil and other writing materials. I used the scrap fabric and cut 3 pieces. This will make 2 pockets.

To make the pockets, just fold 2 of the 3 strips, making one larger than the other. I just took my pen and put it next to it to see if it was placed where I wanted it to be. This looks about right.

Since I decided to add the pockets after I cut the main cover piece, which is 14″ (36cm), I now have to cut some fabric to add the pocket piece and match that number.
So I cut where I wanted the pockets to be. About 5″ (13cm) from the right side. Now my main fabric is 9″ instead of 14″. After stitching the front and pocket piece together, I measured and still needed some more fabric to reach the 14″ (36cm).
I lined up the right side of the main fabric with the right side of the pocket piece. After sewing, press, and measure again. Now cut exactly the 14″ you need.

This is how it will look after you press it.

Set the main cover aside. Attach the lining to the fleece.

The raw edges of the lining fabric have to match the raw edges of the sleeves.

Now I can start writing in my “secret” journal and don’t have to drive myself crazy trying to find a pen somewhere! Don’t you think all journals should have a place to keep your pen? Or is it just me who keeps losing my pen? 🙂

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